About Us

maxalon for kids Tempe Junction With a heavy attention to detail we can develop eye-popping exhibits that will be the focus of any convention or show that you display at.  Conventions are a wonderful place to display yourself, though they are competitive to the eyes of the audience.  With our careful research and design, we can help you grab the attention of your target audience and have them focused on your exhibit longer than the others around them.  Most importantly, we care about the effectiveness of our work.

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Our History

pokerstars travel mug A2 Exhibits started in 2011, in the living room of the Flores Family.  With carpentry in their blood and motivation in their hearts, the Flores brothers went from working in their Father’s living room, building booths, to owning their own shop in Southern California.  With a family attitude and a determination for excellence, the company made a quick name for itself and A2 was soon being contracted to take their creative genius and craftsmanship to other states, across the country. 

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Our Philosophy

“Our Customers Are Our Family”

https://www.drhattori.com/13-cat/dating_45.html It is this belief that continuously motivates our team to put our best foot forward on every single customer project.  We pride ourselves in getting the job done to our customer’s satisfaction.  We believe that it is our duty to not only get the job done and put a smile on our client’s faces, but also to wow the onlookers that see the work we’ve done for our clients.

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